Why Proper Leads?

As a freelancer, you rely on a steady stream of work. Dry spells are not ideal for anyone, and will soon bring in a rush of financial worry. With a Proper Leads subscription, we email you at least 3 high quality leads every single week day. And no, we don't just email you random low-quality leads. We spend our days hunting down high quality leads with a minimum project value of $500. We will also find out a contact name and email address for each one. Obviously it's up to you to follow these leads up; which if you do, then great - you're on the way to a steady stream of high-value work. Even if you're already stacked up with work, it's good to have leads in the pipeline and get clients booked in as far in advance as possible. Did we also mention that all leads are for remote jobs, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home or office?

  • 500Dollar
    Minimum Lead Value
  • 3High Quality
    Daily Leads (minimum)
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The Process

A little bit more about how our service works.


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We'll Send You Leads, Daily

Every single week day, we will email you leads tailored to you. Each lead is handpicked by our team and is of a high quality.


Contact Your Leads

Contact at least one lead we send you every day, and you'll be guaranteed to win more work with better and higher paying clients.

How We Find Our Leads

Hint: we use humans to manually find your high quality leads.

Job Boards

We know how to search all of the top 300 job boards to find the best contracts for you.


It's 2017, businesses look for designers and developers on social networks - and we know how to find them.


We know where all of the RFP's (request for proposal) are. We screen each one to make sure it's suitable for you.

Extra Research

For every high quality lead we find, we carry out more research on each one to find you a name and contact email address.

our pricing plans

We offer three pricing plans, all of which you can cancel at any time.

All prices are in USD, but our service is available to freelancers worldwide!

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Per Month

  • 1 daily lead
  • Contact name and email for each lead



Per Month

  • 3 daily leads
  • Contact name and email for each lead

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